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Trade House "VladMiVa":
RUSSIA , 81d, Michurin Str., Belgorod, 308002 
tel:  +7(4722) 200-555 add. 757     
fax: +7(4722) 313-502
E-MAIL: market@vladmiva.ru

Today, we export our products to more than 70 countries around the world

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Our managers

Krivoshapov Sergey

Commercial Director; 
tel: +7 (4722)200-555
fax.+7 (4722)313-502
m.t +7 (910)322-3340(Viber, WhatsApp)
Skype: vladmiva
E-MAIL: inttrade@vladmiva.ru

Lytkina Julia

Chief of export department; 
tel: +7 (4722)200-555 add. 734
fax.+7 (4722)313-502
Skype: vladmiva-export
E-MAIL: export@tdvladmiva.ru

Babenkova Polina

Export sales manager; 
tel: +7 (4722)200-555 add. 757
fax.+7 (4722)313-502
Skype: vladmiva export 1
E-MAIL: export2@tdvladmiva.ru

Rogov Alexsander

Export sales manager;
tel: +7 (4722)200-555 add. 753
fax.+7 (4722)313-502
Skype: vladmiva export 3
E-MAIL: export3@tdvladmiva.ru

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