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«Vladmiva» — is a large holding, which includes companies, which are engaged into development and manufacturing of materials, tools and equipment for dentistry, multidivisional Trade House, which is active both in internal market and in exports activities, as well as the largest dentist clinics in Belgorod.
Today, «Vladmiva» is the brand, which is known, perhaps to all dentists of Russia and neighboring countries. This is the largest Russian manufacturer, which produces over 300 positions of dental products, which is exported in over 40 countries of the world.
The products of the enterprise are the result of extensive interaction of scientific Research and Development department with their colleagues from Russian universities and Scientific Centers, dental universities, as well as dentists and dental technicians.
The major aim activities of the enterprise - is participation in the process of import-substitution, when for every expensive, high quality imported dental material, which is in demand at Russian market, we develop a Russian analogue, which possess similar consumer properties, but has low cost in production, and as result, - low price.
In the list of the manufactured products - almost all range of dental materials are listed: filling materials, endodontal, curing, prophylactic, orthopedic and dental tools. And this is not just the complete list.
One of the major and rather prospective lines of our activities - is the development of broad assortment of restorative materials, combining which, a dentist could gain optimal results in every definite clinical situation.
The enterprise is equipped with the newest high-tech equipment, which allows to produce polymeric composite materials, which are based on the filler, obtained with utilization of nanotechnology, and also various composite lining materials and composite dual-cure cements.
Every new material - is the result of accurate marketing and scientific research and constant attention of the company to the growing demands of the market. We observe revolutionary changes in the recent years in the field of development of dental materials and technologies of their application.
Today we can propose to dentists a broad list of biocompatible osteoplastic materials for surgery dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.
Dental burs with diamond heads “RosBel” are produced since 2005 at our factory. A broad assortment by working part forms and diamond powders graininess(over 400 working forms) solves the issues of rational and quiality treatment.
Constant work on optimization of system of quality of the products is performed on the enterprise. Due to constant growth and improvement of technologies, JSC «VLADMIVA» EXPERIMENTAL PLANT has successully passed certification of production on correspondence of system of quality management according to the international standard ISO 13485:2003 in 2011.
In 2012-2013 certificates on several products on accordance to Directive 93/42 EEC were obtained, which gives us the right to mark our products with CE marking, and is the indicator of correspondence of our products to international quality standards.

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