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Our products » ENDODONTIC DENTAL MATERIALS»EODENT long-harddening
EODENT long-harddening
EODENT long-harddening
«Eodent long-hardening» dental material is used in dentistry including pediatric one for filling root canals. f unsuccessful treatment by nonspecific antiseptics or pastes on the basis of antibiotics and of corticosteroids. 
«Eodent» long-hardening  is produced as powder/liquid set. 
«Eodent» powder contains zincoxide, radiopaque filler and hydroxiapatite providing bone tissue regeneration.
«Eodent» liquid contains eugenol with plasticizer providing low solubility (no more than 0.5%) of the material. 
«Eodent long-hardening» cement features long bactericidal effect, long working time (6-8 hours), high plasticity, long hardening time (48-72 hours) and good sealing effect. The material is easily handled and can be easily removed from canal.
Code 00000138 Powder - 25 g; Liquid - 8 ml


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